The Rural Development Training and Research Institute is also tasked with the challenge of eradicating poverty in order to achieve the “Vision of Prosperity” National Policy of 2021. Despite this, in the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, institutional officials are stepping up to the challenge on behalf of the poor community. Accordingly, an action plan has been prepared under the guidance of Director TA Ranasinghe for possible measures to reduce poverty by 2021.

The final action plan was prepared through a discussion held on 08.01.2021 under the patronage of Mrs. Hema Perera, Additional Secretary, Ministry of State Resources Development, Samurdhi, Home Economics, Micro Finance, Self Employment, Business Development and Underutilization. Mr. TA Ranasinghe, Director, Rural Development Training and Research Institute, Mr. GDD Kumara, Director, Ministry of Staff and Milanthi, Assistant Director were also present on the occasion.

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Additional Secretary Hema Perera advising on the preparation of the action plan.